How to access your website files?

In case you don’t know, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the standard way of transferring files from your computer to your web host account. The name FTP sounds serious, but it’s actually pretty easy to use even for a beginner.


The easiest way of working with FTP is through a piece of free software called FileZilla.


Start by going to the FileZilla website at and downloading the FileZilla Client.



To start working with FileZilla simply click the “Open the Site Manager” button:



Here’s what the Site Manager looks like:



In order to add your hosting account (or any other FTP account) press the “New Site” button visible on the image above, and input a friendly name for your site (it can be anything).


Then take care of the remaining fields. Some of the important ones:


  • Host. The URL address of your FTP account. Your hosting provider should give you this piece of information.
  • Port. Leave this empty if your web host didn’t provide this information (the default port for FTP will be used in this case).
  • Protocol. You can usually leave the default setting here.
  • Logon type. Change to “Normal.”
  • User. Your username.
  • Password. This one’s obvious too.


Note. If your hosting provider does not inform you about any custom settings you should take care of when configuring your FTP connection then leave some of the fields mentioned above to their default values.


Click “OK” to save your settings.


Now you can connect to your new site by clicking on the small arrow next to the “Open the Site Manager” button (image below), and selecting your site.



If everything goes well you’ll connect to your FTP account and will be able to modify its contents.


The user interface has a simple design with your local computer’s hard disk on the left side, and your remote FTP account on the right side. You can browse both in an intuitive way, and copy files between them however you like.


When you’re done you can simply close FileZilla

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