How Companies Can Reduce Multitasking

In the world of business, the name of the game is efficiency. Companies that can get more done within a 40-hour workweek tend to be the most successful and well connected. Understandably, other business leaders attempt to emulate this only to fail miserably.

So what are they getting wrong? One of the most common issues regarding this goal is multitasking. Although most employers seek this attribute, it may not be as great as people make it out to be. Multitasking means dividing your talents, which equals mediocre work. The following list entails some of the ways your company can begin reducing multitasking and improve focused growth.

Outsource Services

Most business leaders will tell you that the most important thing to focus on is the customer. Lose the customer, lose your business. However, realistically, most customer communication involves the transmitting of simple messages. As a business owner, neither you nor your employees should be spending time informing people about basic information, such as your hours of operations. A great alternative is to outsource your customer service. Outsourcing allows you to have a company that has the tools, manpower, and time to take care of all your customer’s requests, thus only leaving you with the most important duties.

Automate Simple Tasks

There are many benefits of machine manufacturing for companies that want to reduce employee multitasking. These include reducing the amount of human error and cutting down on employee injuries. However, what if you are in an office rather than a manufacturing environment? One of the best ways to utilize automation within this type of business is in the hiring department. Business leaders usually have a specific type of employee in mind, and HR personnel can take weeks to sift through applications searching for the right people to call. Automation software can be installed with certain keywords such as “full-time” or “experienced” to provide you with an instant pool of individuals that best match your needs.

Utilize Task Software

Similar to Google Docs, which lets people alter and insert information on the same document, task software can provide the same advantages but with a different goal. One of the most common reasons teams tend to multitask is because they don’t have a clear route to take during projects. Therefore, through task software, the manager or boss can assign specific jobs to each person. If goals are not being met, then the supervisor can insert him or herself into the system and point out areas in which employees need to concentrate. This will allow everyone to focus on one thing, keeping everyone on track.

Although multitasking was once hailed as a desired attribute, many companies now understand its dangers. Therefore, it is highly recommended that business leaders adhere to the tips listed above to begin reducing multitasking within their own businesses. Don’t forget to let yourself focus on your business by letting us handle your website.