3 Ways Technology Has Changed Customer Service

Oftentimes, the business that makes its customers feel the best will win their support. In this digital era, the rules of the game for customer service are changing. Here are some ways that technology has fundamentally altered customer service.

There Are More Choices for Customers

HackerNoon explains that the days of customers simply picking up the phone and calling a business is over. Now, customers have many choices for how they want to initiate contact. They can communicate with you through email and social media and those are just two of the options. The fact that there are more options means that you need to have a more extensive customer service plan and representatives who are savvier in engaging in these media. More choices mean that there are higher expectations on the part of your customers that their attempts to communicate will always receive a response.

It’s 24/7 Nowadays

The concept of normal business hours has dissipated as the internet has seized control of customer communications. ROI Solutions explains that there has been the emergence of what is now called the “internet rush hours” which happen between the hours of 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. This means that you need more staffing around the clock. Since customers can be picky about who they talk to as well, you need to have the right kind of staffing. You cannot simply hire anyone to engage in customer service. Instead, you need to pay close attention to how these hires will represent your company in dealing with the customer.

More Flexibility Is Expected

The digital era has made it easier for your customers to shop around to your competitors. If your business is saying no to the customer’s request, they are more likely than not to find another company that is willing to say yes in order to steal their business. This means that you need to be more compromising with your customers in order to keep their business. Customer Gauge explains that technology has changed customer loyalty arguably for the worse since it is so easy to find a new company to handle their needs. Standing on principle will likely alienate customers who are upset with something.

Technology has changed the business landscape, and this is even truer in the area of customer service. Simply stated, you need more of it and to make it better in this day and age. If not, you may find yourself losing business.