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Tech Productions is dedicated to providing rising businesses with a technological edge. We are technical professionals who identify with small business owners and will provide your business with IT resources that will cut expenses and maximize profits.

We understand today's technology and by exploring your wants and needs for your business, we can manufacture, engineer and develop a solution to get you more customers, to increase the sales to your current customers, and to make your business more money. Our goal is to maximize your business income using every means that today's technology has to offer.

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Our Mission

Tech Productions provides rising businesses with the latest and optimal technology for growth to equalize the playing field and give our clients a technological advantage.

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Our Team

Stevens Cadet

Stevens Cadet

Director / Software Developer / Electrical Engineering

Stevens Cadet works as an application developer, electrical engineer, technical consultant, and project manager. Mr. Cadet specializes in using the latest technology to develop systems that help small businesses grow and work more efficiently.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Director / App Developer / Computer & Software Engineering

Kevin Smith has over 15 years of experience in the use of lip technology for small business applications and personal productivity. Smith specializes but is not limited to in the following business processes: CRM, e-commerce, bookkeeping, cloud-based office administration, mobile applications, social media, and email.

Richard Pugliese

Richard Pugliese

Director / Electrical Engineering

Richard Pugliese specializes in engineering solutions. These include telecommunications, power and lighting design, hardware design, and development.

Anthony Bart

Anthony Bart

Director, Digital Marketing

Tamara Maraj

Tamara Maraj

Chief Graphic Designer

Stanley Cedant

Stanley Cedant

Executive Assistant


Information about Tech Productions


Tech Productions – Who we are and what we do?
In 2005, two young aspiring engineers thought up a business plan to provide computer repair, software and technical education services to the elderly and middle age citizens of Brevard County. K and T Productions became a well known partnership that was formed between two people who believed that computer and electrical engineering could be the core of solving all of the world’s problems.

Through their work with the community, they managed to receive a lot of gratitude, some money and even recognition from Florida Today. The two young men were ambitious and focused on their goal to provide technological understanding throughout the world. They were serious about the line of work and everything it stands for. They were well educated and motivated by technology. Lastly, they were resourceful as well as efficient.

Computer, Marketing, Web Design and Education Services

Although there is a lesson to be learned from the young men, Tech Productions has come a long way since the naive days of K and T Productions. Tech Productions is a new company that learns from the ideals and successes of the retired partnership and have developed to a point that the original architects could not have imagined.

Tech Productions continues to provide a caring computer repair, installation, and training service but has spent the past years making the service available to people of all ages as well as the elderly. In addition, Tech Productions has become honorably mentioned for our great graphics and marketing work as well as the websites and applications we have built or reconstructed for our many satisfied clients.

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Do you have a question, comment, or suggestion? If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please give us a call, send us an email or fill out the relevant form. We want to hear from you because your feedback is key in making Tech Productions a better people company.

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